Tuesday 28 May 2013

Programmes, programmes: get your programmes...

I've heard it tell that the Buxton Festival Fringe 2013 programme is available on the streets of Buxton and it is Free! Well not literally "on the streets" of course. Try the Tourist Information Centre, the Library, hotels - e.g. The Old Hall. It is a glorious 52-page riot of colour and information.
Hats off (again not literally) and thanks to our designer - Eric Tilley - who has done an absolutely fab job.

We're having "a bit of a do" formally to launch the programme. This will be on Friday June 7th at The Green Man Gallery. We'll be starting at 8pm. Artist and badge-maker extraordinaire Mr Hope will be host. There will be live music and limited quantities of wine supplied by Portland Wine, a local independent wine seller. Everyone is invited. We hope you'll come and take away quantities of programmes to give to your friends near and far.

I've been asked to let you know of a very handy way of finding out about all sorts of other things going on in the Peak District. Try this link - http://www.visitpeakdistrict.com/events/

Planning has begun in earnest for Fringe Sunday - our spectacular free party in the Park which offers an alternative to watching the men's final at Wimbledon. Sunday, July 7th - 2.00-4.30pm in the Pavilion Gardens, Buxton - the town's 'Crown Jewels' - 23 acres of historic gardens. Already we can promise belly dancing and magic. We're also pretty confident of Morris dancing and Art In The Park and on the Railings (of Broad Walk). If you want to perform during Fringe Sunday please get in touch - we'll be putting a programme together over the next few weeks.

On you way over to the Gardens on July 7th you can take in some live music performed from the roof of the Pump Room in the Crescent. Such deep, deep joy!

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