Monday 13 May 2013

Never Speechless

We have a section in the Fringe called "Spoken Word". As a title this always seems a bit cold to me - and doesn't really do justice to the passion and excitement often to be encountered. Last year, for example, we had a moving selection of TS Eliot's poetry and a few years ago we were in stitches listening to 'Mark Twain'.

If it is drama, excitement - with a hint of madness - that you want then make sure you catch up with Mark Gwynne Jones in this year's Fringe. He is at the Clubhouse on 10th and 17th July (and in Litton Village for the Poetry Festival too). With Mark you can't have too much of a good thing. His show - Just For A Moment - "This is it! All that exists is this the 1001 things you've invented to distract you from it! Combining comedy, poetry and film."

In the first four days of the Fringe you can see and hear Palabras Latinas with their show Souvenirs. At a different pub - The Railway - Anamaria Lines and Mike Payton tell stories accompanied by tango and bolero. An intriguing and passionate show is to be expected.

Matlock isn't Buenos Aires - I think it is fair to say. However, with a show called Fire & Ice The Matlock Storytelling Cafe promise to capture our attention. They will be at The Source on 19/20 July. (You can always get yourself down to Matlock on the first Friday of the month. The cake at the cafe is highly regarded!)

On 14-16 July in Underground Venues Jim Higo insists That's Not How You Spell Pedantic. "A poetic, comedic rage through the trivialities and irritations of modern life. A show of biting wit, wry humour, blatant vulgarity and the occasional smidgeon of social conscience. Join Jim in his quest to rid the world of all the things that have ever angered, annoyed or aggravated you."

So far as "Spoken Word" is concerned that's not even the half of it - make sure you check all the entries and plan your Fringe. There are only 50 days to go!

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