Wednesday 7 June 2023

Hold the front page… Life lessons at Buxton Fringe

Tina Sederholm (credit: Neil Spokes)

Every day we are learning more about our exciting Fringe performers. Below follows extracts from their press releases giving a flavour of what’s in store from Spoken Word artist Tina Sederholm, Scouse comedian Henry Churniavsky and comic storyteller Mike Venables.  For full details of their shows' times, venues etc see our listings on our website.

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Tina Sederholm: This is Not Therapy

What do you mean, you’re fifty-five and still don’t know the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything? 

Oxfordshire performance poet and theatre-maker Tina Sederholm makes her debut at Buxton Fringe with her fifth solo show, This Is Not Therapy.

In her twenties, when Tina wasn’t old, she became an International Event Rider. In her thirties, and still not old, she swapped one dodgy career, horses, for another, performance poet.  But as she hits her fifties, she’s perturbed to still be asking, ‘What am I doing with my life?’ 

Here Tina explores her favourite stories, and is horrified to discover that the heroes do not always end up with the prize. But if life is not about succeeding, then what is it for? Join her as she interrogates Indiana Jones, Douglas Adams and a Famous Poet to uncover the answer to life, the universe and basically everything in under 55 minutes.

Directed by Savage Heart’s Rachel Mae Brady, This is Not Therapy combines memoir, comedy and poetry in an intimate, funny and tender story of traversing your mid-life. Tina says,’When I entered my fifties, I experienced a sea-change in my attitude to career, work and purpose. I had a strong sense that I might be missing the point of it all. So I decided to stop and take stock, in an effort to live the last third of my life better than the first two-thirds.’

Tina Sederholm is the veteran of seven Edinburgh Fringes. She is host of a podcast also called This Is Not Therapy, which features stories that find the marvellous in the mundane.

Stunning… reduced myself and other audience members to the  sensitive and teary-eyed children we’re all hiding inside.’ ***** Three Weeks

Henry Churniavsky: Laughs for Life

Jewish/Scouse stand-up comedian Henry Churniavsky has two shows at the Fringe. Both shows are to raise awareness and funds for Mental Health Charities. He came up with the idea after his best friend’s son attempted suicide, and never recovered. He is now an Ambassador for The Mental Health Charity Jami UK and he also supports YoungMinds Mental Health Charity.

Henry’s first show: Henry Churniavsky is a Jewish Grandfather - Show Him Some Jew Respect,  is an afternoon solo show of his best Jewish humour. 2023 has seen this Scouse Jewish comedian go from a Jewrotic (Jewish and Neurotic) father to a Grandfather! Surely bringing a baby into the world has not changed that much?

In his second show, Laugh For Life Comedy: Compilation show for Mental Health: A team of award-winning comedians will be aiming to raise funds and awareness for the mental health charities.

Henry has nine years of Comedy Stand-up experience performing all over the UK, performing also in America and Amsterdam.

An enjoyable, quick-witted hour of stand-up comedy…Henry is a gold standard entertainer, the comedy is of a consistently high standard…’’ Edinburgh Fringe Review (2022)

Mike Venables: I Call the Shots

When Archie McKenzie, murderous Glasgow gangster of the fifties and sixties, is pursued by enemies, he flees his native Scotland and settles in the peaceful Peak District, thinking he is leaving his life of violence behind him.

He is. But years later it comes back to haunt his son. A tale of farce-like chaos ensues as the hapless chap, Richard, gets into heaps of serious scrapes to avoid a fearful fate. The story is told at a fast and furious pace by writer/actor Mike Venables.

Mike tells a story so vividly and with such comic flair, that time flies. He uses brilliant acting ability and comic timing to create a complex web of interactive drama. Despite all the fun, banter and laughter, there is a good thought provoking story at the heart of this one man show, featuring corruption, scandal and murder most Foul.

“Mike is a comedy genius, the story runs at break neck pace,” Euan Rose, Bromsgrove Standard.


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