Monday 29 May 2023

Guess who is going to be 120?

credit: Ian J Parkes

Buxton Opera House that's who! And we may be biased but we think you're looking pretty good for your age.

But it was a different story when Fringe founder Malcolm Fraser visited Buxton in the late 1970s. The Opera House was in a sad and neglected state, closed and bricked up. 

Malcolm, who worked as a lecturer in music, could see the potential in the building. 

So he set about lauching a campaign to save the building and establish the Buxton Festival Fringe. OK, you're right you can't have a Fringe without a Festival so Malcolm founded the Buxton Festival (BIF) first in 1979. And a year later the Festival Fringe came into being making 2023 our 44th event.

In 1980 the Opera House reopened its doors playing host to BIF and it has been their main home ever since.

Although the Opera House isn't a Fringe venue they do help us immensely by acting as ticket agents for a range of our entries, for which we are very grateful. And without the Opera House there wouldn't be an International Festival nor would the Fringe exist.

So we'd just like to say a "Very Happy 120th Birthday for the 1st June, and here's to the next 120 from all your friends at Buxton Festival Fringe".

PS maybe have the fire brigade on stand by with all those candles on your cake 🎂 🤣

To hear our interview with Malcolm or to find out more about our history click here

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