Thursday 30 June 2022

Riding High with the Fringe at the Carnival

Since joining the Fringe Committee I've been surprised by the range of tasks you can get involved in -  everything from delivering posters to planting orange flowers.

But I admit I was mystified when at the last meeting Pam reported back about her phone call "with the farmer's wife about the haybales". It turns out we need them for seating on the carnival float. But when Steph, our lovely marketing officer, then asked for volunteers to help make decorations for the float, I must say I was worried.

While I loved art at school I was never remotely crafty; a friend recently dragged me to an origami workshop where my decoration looked like a three-month-old chimp had made it! In fact a three-month-old chimp would have probably done a better job.

Luckily it turns out there's not a lot of skill needed to make paper flowers and bunting. And with six of us working (& chatting) we had a good sized pile at the end of the first session. Which is just as well as you need a awful lot of decoration to dress a 'float' AKA a lorry (kindly provided by Lomas Distribution again this year). 

This year's colour theme is a classy combo of orange (natch) and navy blue (for our friends and float partners BIF). 

I've been warned that it takes ages to do the actual decorating of the float and to get the haybales in place. But the end result should be worth it and you'll be able to spot us from a mile off!

So please lookout for us on carnival day 9th July. We'll be easy to spot in our orange T- shirts. Give us a wave and a cheer, but better yet please drop a donation in our Well Dressing charity buckets; every penny is really appreciated. 

Carole Garner

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