Friday 8 April 2022

How do I get to meet the stars?

Here at Fringe towers we couldn’t be more excited to be organising a big live festival - just like the old days - but with what looks like a bumper Fringe in July, we are also aware that we are going to need more volunteers than ever to make it all happen.

The Fringe Information Desk, now in the conservatory area of the Pavilion Gardens near the restaurant, becomes a real hive of activity in July with volunteers needed to help keep displays up to date, answer customer questions and - best of all - meet our talented performers including the odd famous name. 

Since we’ve had this new space, desk workers have also had the fun of seeing Fringe buskers performing on the paved area just outside. Plus it is absolutely the place to be if you want to find out which shows are going down a storm with reviewers and audiences.

Traditionally we have often had young people aged 16 and above helping at the Desk and it remains a brilliant way to get something really impressive on your CV. The variety of activities involved means you can gain experience in areas as diverse as marketing, events management, journalism, retail, arts administration, market research and much more. Here are some of the things young volunteers have said about us in the past:

"Volunteering at the Fringe desk is a fantastic way to gain an insight into how a major arts festival is run. I loved meeting the performers and being able to help the public, as well as having the freedom to be creative in decorating the desk displays."

"When I volunteered with the Buxton Fringe Festival, I was a part of a fun, helpful, engaging workforce.”

“The best moments that I had when volunteering for the Fringe were helping the customers and members of the public out with the questions that they had, and also it was the free flapjacks…”

It is helpful if you can offer to do more than one shift at the Fringe Desk because the more familiar you are with everything, the more useful you are and the more fun it all becomes! We’d also love to extend the invitation to out-going people of any age who would like to get involved at the desk and enjoy a little Fringe stardust. 

If you’d like to know more, why not email or see our website for further information on all the different ways you can support the Fringe - and not just during July.


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