Tuesday 30 November 2021

Artists! The Fringe needs you!

I used to love art at school and I am amazed and impressed how some people have the skill to capture a scene or a mood with just a few strokes of a pencil or make a sculpture out of a piece of wood or transform a hank of felt into something beautiful.

My childhood enjoyment of painting has developed into a love of visiting galleries, exhibitions, art fairs and even art shops where I love reading the names of the colours and holding the pencils. Whenever we go on holiday a visit to a local gallery or studio is always top of our list.  We love finding unique pieces that remind us of our trips, even if it is just a postcard. Mind you we don't always agree and some heated debates have taken place!

So I'm very excited that the Fringe has launched a competition to design the programme cover for the 2022 festival. Local artists and enthusiasts (professional and amateur)  are being asked to come up with designs that portray the spirit of the Fringe in their own personal style.

There are just a few rules and some hints on what the committee would like to see but mostly its up to the artist.  "We don't want to stifle creativity; we are really keen to see what ideas people will come up with", Steph Billen Fringe Marketing Officer told me. "We are lucky to have lots of artists and art groups locally so we are hoping for a good response" she added.

I can't wait to see the entries; how do artists perceive the Fringe and how will they convey that?  What medium will they choose? Will their work be abstract or traditional? 

The closing date is 10th January 2022, and as well as seeing their design in print the lucky winner will receive £100 prize! 

Now where did I put my tin of Smartie Orange paint?

For full details on how to enter see https://www.buxtonfringe.org.uk/artcompetition2022.html

Carole Garner
Buxton Fringe

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