Monday 15 February 2021

Even the wrong shoes won't spoil my fun!

Does anyone else miss being jammed in a hot, dark, smoke-filled room, warm drink in hand waiting for the next act to start?

Most people in these Covid days shudder in horror at the idea of sharing indoor space with a group of strangers, and you can understand why.

But I have to admit I miss the days of being in a live audience, the excitement of waiting to see and hear a new show. Will the gags be good, will the band hit the right notes? How will the audience react - will they heckle or get behind the performer?  I even miss the discomfort of standing still for ages in the wrong shoes.

I know there isn't real smoke anymore.  But the idea of heading to a club, cafe, bar or theatre to see 'live' entertainment always makes me feel that I'm off to somewhere sophisticated and slightly edgy. Like the old days of black and white films; say Rick's bar in Casablanca or a jazz club in Harlem.

So I was really pleased to hear that a large number of Fringe venues in Buxton have announced their support for this year’s festival. Old favourites such as the Green Man Gallery,  Underground and the Rotunda are all wanting to be involved and a host of new cafes, church halls and sports facilities have also registered.

Of course there will be lots of safeguards in place. Fringe performers are working on contingency plans - marquees and tents are being mooted (a good idea for any British summer!) as well as online or mixed activities.

As entries start to arrive there are whispers of large open air venues also being interested which all adds to my excitement.

I only have one concern, where did I put my favourite heels?

Carole Garner

Buxton Fringe

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