Tuesday 4 December 2018

A party and a winner

Catherine Webb with her winning artwork for the Fringe 2019 cover alongside Fringe chair Keith Savage posing at the Green Man Gallery
Catherine Webb - winner of the art open competition for the Fringe40 cover - with Keith Savage, Chair of Buxton Festival Fringe

Right. We are up and running for Fringe40!
Buxton Festival Fringe 2019 runs from 3-24 July and it will be our 40th and longest Festival.
We opened for entries just 4 days ago and have 7 events listed on the website already and we are a bit too excited for our own good so early in proceedings.
The prize for first entry - if there was one - would have gone to Paul Cromford who is bringing a brand new show - a song-cycle about our relationship with the Moon. The Ancient Pull can be heard at the Lee Wood Hotel. Paul has built a strong reputation for his intelligent music-making and this is a show to look out for.
Also at the Lee Wood will be Sam Slide - a loyal Fringe supporter - with the latest instalment in his Trombone Talk, Trombone Tunes which is a whimsical musical autobiography. Sam will be supported in his story-telling by some musical friends. Expect good-natured and gentle entertainment.
Terry Riley’s composition In C was very influential in some circles in the early 1970s. (It was also derided by some, but better to be noticed than ignored). We are very excited to see that a workshop for the piece followed by a performance is taking place at the URC in July. Expect some Fringe stalwarts to be there, eager to join KEMS in this venture.

Buxton Festival Fringe has announced the winner of its recent competition to design the cover of next year’s printed Fringe programme.
Catherine Webb, a part-time teaching assistant at Buxton's St Anne’s Catholic Primary School and formerly a graphic designer at The University of Manchester, says she was “thrilled and tickled pink and everything in between” to be awarded the £100 prize for her winning artwork, an eye-catching design entitled Roar Talent, celebrating 40 years of the Fringe.
Catherine says: “The overall look I have gone for is Art Nouveau which I feel is reflected in the design and architecture within Buxton. The lion is a representation of the lion's head at St Anne's Well, but also has symbolic meanings - strength, pride, courage. The Buxton Spa waters are depicted in the circle around the lion. In the mosaic background I have placed icons representing themes included within the Fringe.”
She learnt about the competition through her friend Mandy Tootill, an award-nominated performer at 2018’s Buxton Fringe. Catherine adds: “As my daughter Milly is now at secondary school I have finally been able to find time to reconnect with my interest in art and design and this competition has been my first step”.
Catherine’s stunning design will also feature on the Fringe’s flyer to be distributed early next year and possibly on other publicity materials. Two joint runners up were also announced, local artist Pam Smart and Ali Quas-Cohen. All the entries to the competition are due to be published on the Fringe website.
Keith Savage, Chair of the Buxton Festival Fringe states: “Catherine’s design and image caught our imagination immediately. It is vivid, vibrant and confident. It sets the standard for all that we hope to achieve in Fringe40.”

Rebecca Mottershead and Caroline Small from the Green Man Gallery 
helping us with "There was a pig went out to dig"

The opening of #Fringe40 was celebrated in grand style at the Green Man Gallery with a combination of food, drink and singing. We were lucky to have Rebecca and Tim Mottershead lead a workshop and the party singing of some Derbyshire Village Carols. (Including a world premiere performance of Tim's arrangement of Down In Yon Forest).

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