Sunday 7 May 2017

Aerial acrobatics and Audience Puppetry

"The Boy Who Grew Wings" is a new show produced by Whispering Woods and is touring in England this summer.
We are thrilled that it can be seen in Buxton as part of our Festival Fringe on Saturday July 8th. There are two performances in the woods behind Poole's Cavern. This really is one for the family and promises to be like nothing else this Buxton Fringe.

Very different from the aerial acrobatics of "The Boy Who Grew Wings" is Mike Raffone's debut show at Buxton. This is what he has to tells us:

At the tender age of 52, and with almost three decades of experience performing interactive comedy in street theatre shows, Mike Raffone is moving indoors. He makes his Buxton Fringe comedy debut with Brain Rinse - Puppetry of the Audience.
Through a series of off the wall sketches Mike tackles all the big themes in life. Love, suicide, Beethoven and The Army to name but a few. But what makes this show different is that Mike doesn’t perform to the audience he performs with the audience in the ultimate immersive TV inspired sketch show with a cast of thousands. Sure, the idea of joining in may fill you with more dread than two hours in the dentist's chair with Dr Josef Mengele, but this still may be the show for you.
“I’m aware”, says Mike, “that asking the audience to do the entire show is a big ask, but it’s my experience that if the audience are treated with respect they will almost always give more than they imagine they ever could. The trick is making the audience feel safe to let loose a bit, and join in without feeling they are doing it badly. It’s also important to me that the audience decide for themselves just how much they are prepared to join in. In this respect they set the agenda for the show. When done with skill audience interaction can be hugely entertaining and great fun”
You can catch Brain Rinse, Puppetry of the Audience as part of The Buxton Fringe at United Reformed Church Blue Room, for four nights only from 20th to 23rd July at 8:15pm. Tickets are £8 (£7 concessions), email Mike at for more details.

Our printed programme will be available in 3 weeks time. It will be a bumper 56-page, full-colour programme - to accommodate the 186 separate events we have for you this summer. Meanwhile the Fringe website gives full details of all the events to be listed in the programme.

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