Sunday, 31 January 2016

Green shoots and rising sap

The daffodils are out - so that can mean only one thing: it's Spring! Except that it is only February 1st. [We appreciate that some people had daffs flowering before Christmas but up here in the hills things move according to different rules and our daffodils flower well into May normally).

Anyway we're all excited by this and other news - some of which we share now. The rest will follow in due course. The Buxton Festival programme has been published on-line. The printed version will be out in March and tickets on sale around about Easter. But you'll be wanting to plan your visit. Plenty of appetising morsels. Dr Lucy Worsley, Julia Bradbury, Ed Vulliamy and Alexi Sayle among many household names in the Literary programme. On the music side Ensemble 10:10 return to Buxton to reprise the world premiere they gave us last November (please don't miss that). There is a whole clutch of top-notch chamber music scheduled too.

If you want an excuse to be in Buxton for a festival at Easter then the Festival of World Cinema may be just the ticket. 22 films over 8 days from 12 countries with a programme of free talks and workshops for children. Box office hits such as The Lady In The Van, Brooklyn, Inside Out as well as award-winning documentaries such as A Syrian Love Story and The Gleaners & I also feature. Other recent releases include Taxi Tehran, Macbeth and Crimson Peak. Stories to make you laugh, gasp in amazement and cry!

The latest Discover Buxton podcast features a terrible bunch of rogues and ne'er do wells. That said the Billerettes, Michael Clement and some Fringe officers have a certain following. 

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