Thursday 30 July 2015

Fringe 2015 - What was your favourite moment?

Balloons at the Old Clubhouse (credit: Ian J. Parkes)

Another year over but what a great Fringe and what fantastic memories! Thanks to all who made it such a wonderful event, from the many volunteers to all the tireless Fringe entrants and not forgetting the enthusiastic audiences who attended some 170 events – that’s around 600 individual performances!

We really did think the quality was excellent overall and the town seemed even more buzzing than usual with all our venues looking very Fringey and welcoming. I’ve seen some great shows but here are some of the special moments that particularly stick in my mind:

-         Dancing in Poole’s Cavern with the cast of As You Like It
-         Making a TINY pirate in the Pavilion Gardens
-         Seeing an elephant emerge onto the stage in Around the World in 80 Days
-         Being picked as Clive Sinclair’s ‘love interest’ in Together in Electric Dreams
-         Waving to all our Fringe supporters from the carnival float (next best thing to being a royal…)
-         Hearing what the arts meant to residents at The Portland Nursing Home
-         Finding about a dozen different friends to talk to one night in the Fringe Club
-         Singing in the Kaleidoscope choir and our most complicated song actually coming out right!

That’s just a few of mine – why not tweet us your favourite #FringeMoments @buxtonfringe?


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