Wednesday 21 January 2015

Calendar of UK Fringes - 2015

We don't claim that this list is complete or 100% accurate. If you know of omissions or inaccuracies tell us and we'll happily correct it. But as it stands this is the best list we can put together of Fringes that are actually happening in the UK in 2015. In one or two cases websites need updating. To get details of these events - either as a would-be performer or as audience - the World Fringe Network directory is a good starting point. You may need to do a bit of googling to find websites if the WFN links don't work.

March: Folkestone - a series of mini-festivals starting in March
April: Mayfield, E Sussex (30 April-3May)
May: Brighton (1-31 May)
        Pink Fringe (part of Brighton Festival and Fringe)
        Wandsworth (1-17 May)
        Chelsea (16 May-7 June)
        Bath (22 May-7 June)
        Oxford (22 May-7 June)
        Pulse, Ipswich (28 May-6 June)
June: Grassington (12-27 June)
         Ludlow (13 June-5 July)
         Glastonbury (19-30 June)
         Barnstaple (25-28 June)
July: Greater Manchester (1-31 July)
        Buxton (8-26 July)
        Reading (15-19 July)
        Henley (20-26 July)
        Milton Keynes
August: Sidmouth (1-5 August)
            Camden (3-30 August)
            Edinburgh (7-31 August)
            Free Fringe Festival (Edinburgh, 7-31 August)
            Stroud (Bank Holiday weekend)
            Ventnor (11-16 August)
            Brackley, Northants
            North Berwick Fringe By The Sea
October: Canterbury (17-31 October)
             South Devon
November: Fringe! (London film festival)

Surprisingly there appear to be no UK Fringes in September.

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