Tuesday 16 December 2014

Meet Isabelle Wilkins

There are innumerable pleasures in being part of the Buxton Festival Fringe. One of them is the opportunity to meet young, talented and creative people - and last week we met with Isabelle Wilkins who provided us with the artwork for the Fringe 2015 programme cover and flyer.
Isabelle graduated from the University of Derby Illustration degree course last summer and is now working in a self-employed capacity from home in Barnsley. Isabelle met us at the University Dome on a snowy morning in Buxton and as we went on a tour of the town she told us a bit about her career and her work.
Isabelle said that she chose to study at Derby because she was impressed by the facilities and the attitude of the staff that she met. She has never regretted her choice and keeps in touch with others that she graduated with.
Isabelle explained some of the technical aspects of her design which was built up in layers - using fabric, string and digital processes. Her researches on Buxton images led her to adapt a signpost for Fringe purposes.
Isabelle very much enjoys films and is currently working on a 3-D project - making a suit of armour, inspired by Thor. You can see more of her work on her website. Isabelle is ready and happy to take on commissions and you can see some of the portraiture she has completed.

This pic hardly needs a caption: one young, talented person embarking on an exciting career and some bloke in a hat. Echoes of Isabelle's design which incorporates a Buxton signpost.

There are a number of new entries for 2015 in the pipeline and expect to see them on the online programme shortly. Meanwhile, we have a new interview as part of the Fringe archive. Sheila Barker was involved in organising the Fringe from the very earliest days - 35 years ago. Recently she recounted some of her memories to Stephanie Billen. We hope you find time to listen to the interview.

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