Saturday 10 May 2014

Spring Fair - belated thanks

Buxton's second Spring Fair was a blast as has been widely and accurately reported almost everywhere. Many thanks to all the people who staffed our stall - we had neighbourly support from the Buxton Festival on one side and the Old Hall burger and hot dog stall on the other. Big thanks to Janet Miller and the Buxton Town Team for organising such a brilliant showcase for all that is best about the town. 
Also nice to see Roger Child from Partita and Andrea Joseph from Dr Sketchy Sketch who dropped off new flyers and posters for their Fringe events.
We had a lovely time talking to so many people eager for the Fringe programme. The design work is now complete and the programme will be out at the end of the month. Meanwhile, of course, you can see details of all 153 events on our website. We were asked "Are the Smooth Faced Gentlemen performing at Fringe 2014?" We had, sadly, to report "No". So, SFG, let's see you back in 2015.
We gave away dozens of balloons and badges in a bid to paint the town orange - though, to be fair, the Billerettes and B&Q contributed something there.
Just down the Crescent from us was the Buxton Brewery portable bar. A remarkable achievement given that some of the team had returned from a beer festival in Copenhagen just hours before where they may have drunk quite a lot. This seems hard to believe - getting drunk at a Danish beer fest?
Anyway we're delighted, beyond words, to report that Buxton Brewery will be providing a Fringe Beer again this year. Though we shall say now - and repeat this often - do drink and Fringe responsibly. 

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