Monday 10 March 2014

Filling in the Gaps at Buxton Fringe

Doesn't seem long ago that there was zero comedy listed for Fringe 2014. Now that category is already positively brimming with entertainment ranging from Edinburgh Fringe favourites Absolute Improv! to John Cooper (better known as Danny Pensive) shedding his comic persona to show us the man beneath the duffel coat. This burst of activity comes from Underground Venues who have transformed the comedy scene at Buxton Fringe in recent years.  Applications to perform at UV close on March 23 so wannabe performers there haven't got long, but don't forget, though there are advantages, you are not obliged to use a managed venue and the town has always offered a warm welcome to comedians wherever they go (with the possible exception of spoof country and western star Tina C, who famously performed in a very drunken pub during carnival day, but that's another story....) It is interesting to recall how long before UV, comedy club Buxton Buzz was born at the Fringe and is still running every month. So we know there is local talent out there. Remember too that if you have a play that is largely comic, then Comedy is the category for you.

There is now something in every available Fringe category - yay! But some sections are thinner than others. Having attended Oxfam's hugely popular dance day at Buxton's The Railway last Saturday I'm amazed that there aren't more people out there keen to put on some dance at the Fringe.  I'd also be surprised if we don't gather some more events specifically for Families - children love the Fringe. We are orange and have balloons - what's not to like?! But some entertainment specifically geared towards them puts a smile on everyone's faces. In terms of what's there right now, it's good to welcome a show from Buxton Festival, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, alongside Fringe favourites stone & water and family-friendly comic improvisers, Comedysports. We've had some great school productions for children in the past - it's still only £65 to enter the Fringe if you get in before the end of this month so do give us a whirl.

Meanwhile behind the scenes we have a few gaps of our own to fill - like the entire printed programme! So don't be surprised if we go a bit quiet at times as we head into busy times... The door of our non-existent office is always open however so any questions, just head for our contacts page and get in touch as we'd love to help!

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