Monday 2 December 2013

A poem for Buxton

Buxton was recently shortlisted by the Academy of Urbanism for the Great Town Award 2014. The award went to the Irish city of Cork.
Buxton did get a poem from Ian McMillan though - Ian performs in Buxton regularly and was part of an award-winning Fringe event in 2011. Ian is welcome back any time he wants to come.

Buxton by Ian McMillan

Stretch out in Buxton and you touch the sky,
Walk uphill in Buxton and you hear the sound
Of history dancing and learning to fly
And holding you close to the Derbyshire ground.
A stroll to the Opera House: an aria in itself,
A three-act-drama involving shopping and cake
In a town standing proud along a rocky shelf.
If you've a cultural, artistic or literal thirst to slake
Then this is the town on the North's solid roof
This is the town where it can snow in June
This is the town that is never aloof
This is the town that is always in tune.
An evening dress and a pair of thick socks on:
That's how you should dress for the nuance of Buxton!

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