Sunday 27 October 2013

Exciting times ahead for Buxton and Buxtonians

Some people seem to find it easier to moan and complain than to see the exciting possibilities on the horizon. Maybe experience has taught them that a dense fog will shortly hide the horizon - so let's not get too excited, because what we thought might be there isn't in fact. So maybe the horizon I think is visible will never get any closer. However if we want reasons to be optimistic and hopeful here are some.

The current issue of the free and glossy magazine Pure Buxton includes a story about a possible new live music festival for the town. Well it's still a long way off and the exact shape and nature of the beast remains uncertain but it looks a real 'maybe' if not quite a definite. Vision Buxton will be continuing to develop the idea and more further news should follow early in the New Year.

If you want something that is 'definite' and sooner - well the Buxton Festival of World Cinema 2014 has been confirmed this week. Held from 25-30 March in the Pauper's Pit and the Arts Centre Studio, 17 films in 10 languages are being screened. Classics such as The Bicycle Thieves and The 400 Blows will be rubbing shoulders alongside newer films such as Philomena and Sunshine on Leith. For the full programme keep an eye on the Opera House website or Buxton Film.

The British Legion building - just behind the Museum - has been empty for a couple of years now but may be brought back into use as part of exciting plans to re-configure a number of buildings in Higher Buxton. No doubt it will be complicated and conversations will have to be had with Derbyshire County Council and High Peak Borough Council but the prospect of making fuller use of the Town Hall, the Museum and the Legion building (including some space for the arts) must be welcomed by all.

The Opera House has a new programming team and it is putting finishing touches to the Spring season. The annual Four Four Time festival is in February - among the headliners is the old Queen himself, Brian May.

Sooner than that, of course, November 2nd sees the town's Bonfire party at the cricket ground, Park Road. After the fireworks make sure you head for Beltane and enjoy pyrotechnics of a different sort with the music of Fuzzy Felt World who were a joy in Fringe 2013.

Oh, on November 8th The Academy of Urbanism announces its awards for 2014. Buxton is on a shortlist of three for the Great Town award; no disrespect to Cork or to Hastings - both fabulous places - but surely there can be only one serious contender? Hope so.

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