Tuesday 2 July 2013

Now's The Time!

All sorts of possibilities to match the Blog title with the album cover - for me a toss up between Sonny Rollins and Charlie Parker - but 'Bird wins. Whether this will be a theme for the duration of the Fringe I doubt.

Anyway, freshly returned from the Fringe Launch Party held in the Barrel Room and Bar of the Old Hall Hotel and hosted by Underground Venues. A whole host of acts gave their services for free; all were entertaining and deserve your consideration and custom over the next 19 days. We saw and heard:
Nine Feet North - singing some Crosby, Stills & Nash covers (see p15 of the Fringe Programme and catch them again on Fringe Sunday);
Ishi Khan-Jackson danced Bollywood style - her comedy show I Am Happy (p5 of programme) should be a blast;
The Gambit (p24 in the programme) looks to be an intriguing bit of theatre about a chess reunion, 25 years after the Cold War - this is its premiere tour and it finishes in Buxton on July 6th, so don't miss it;
Jordan (p25) looks to be an ambitious and gripping bit of bravura story-telling - just four shows in the Arts Centre studio between 6-12 July;
Soften The Grey (p30) appears to be something slightly farcical about a diver who dies in an accident only to find himself in a waiting room for the newly dead - more laughs than you might imagine. Starting late on the first night - July 3rd - with further performances on the 4th & 6th;
Diabetic Penguins (p23) is less silly than it sounds but entertaining nevertheless. Three teenagers with mental health 'issues'. But what is 'normal' anyway? Plenty of energy on offer here later in the Fringe.

So thanks everyone for getting us well and truly launched. If you have news of the unicycle race please post it here!

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