Thursday 18 April 2013

Where did all that time go?

Not so long ago - about January 3rd probably - we were sitting around in Fringe Towers thinking this "Festival will pick up soon. Expect it will take off eventually." And now, all of a sudden - as though no one ever told us, we've only got 3 and a bit days left for entries to be submitted. [Well entries can come after April 21st but they may not get into the printed programme]. So despite calendars, diaries, electronic reminders and the like we are left with that initial question "Where did all that time go?" Philosophical questions of this nature are easy to pose and impossible to answer we suspect.

Anyway let's make this as clear as we can. If you want to enter the Buxton festival Fringe 2013 - which starts on Wednesday July 3rd and finishes on Sunday July 21st - and if you want to guarantee that your entry appears in the printed Fringe programme to be published on June 1st - then you must submit your entries by midnight on Sunday April 21st. In short - get your skates on.

Just time and space now for one interesting bit of gossip. Negotiations are at an "advanced stage", sources tell us, with Buxton Brewery for a special Fringe beer for 2013. The Buxton Brewery produces a range of craft beers including the already legendary Wyoming Sheep Ranch. We look forward to this co-operation - especially the tasting.

Various stages of chaos will reign over Fringe Towers for the next week as the final programme is assembled, edited, corrected, revised and generally reshaped. It may mean that your postcards will go unanswered for a while. Apologies for any of that. We love you all dearly.

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