Sunday 24 March 2013

Buxton Cut Off?!

Well it's the case that I haven't tried to go farther than the market place in the last 72 hours (and no, there was no market on Saturday) so all I've got to go on is an assortment of tweets and messages on Facebook, but it does look like it is a bit tricky getting in and out of our lovely town right now. It was a major effort hauling the wheelie bins out of the drift in the garden - whether the bin-men make it for tomorrow's collection is another matter.

Anyway none of this is of any consequence for you Fringers - presumably we'll be fully accessible come July. (Though those people who routinely remind me that snow stopped play during a cricket match in Buxton in June in the 1970s will warn to be cautious. Some say it wasn't snow but hailstones - should you be reassured).

What will we have on offer for you in July? I hope I'll be excused a bit of a plug here. For the past 3 years or so one event in the Fringe has been a programme of short films that were judged to be the best entries to Buxton Film's annual "Open Shorts" competition. Last year the films were screened in the Arts Studio - managed by Underground Venues. Open Shorts 2013 will also figure in the Fringe. Entries for the competition are open until June 1st - past winners have included a BAFTA victor so the standard is high but all are welcome to enter.

If you check out the UV link you'll see that apart from being a significant part of Buxton's Fringe the team is also at the heart of the Oxford Fringe - which runs from May 24 - June 9. Oxfringe hasn't quite established a regular pattern - but given the quantity of live arts routinely available in the city that might not be surprising. Either way if you find yourself there in late spring check out the Oxfringe.

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