Monday, 21 January 2013

Victorian Thaumaturgy

We hinted yesterday that we had early news of a very special event planned for the Fringe to be held in Poole's Cavern between 15-20 July. Well here's a little more detail to whet your appetite.

Martin Beard has a long association with with the Fringe. I remember his Don Juan when we were both youngish men - probably 20 years or so ago. Since then he has organised what was called Venue 21 (in The Old Clubhouse), established the REC theatre company and, more recently, had a new venue The Marquee in the grounds of Poole's Cavern. Well that is history now but this year Martin is back as part of a show to mark 160 years of the Cavern as a public attraction.

There will be an 'old style' candlelit tour of the caves with theatrical interludes - a magic lantern show, Penny Gaff songs, melodramatic poetry telling the story of Poole the Outlaw. You will hear the words of Daniel Defoe, Charles Cotton, extracts from Alice In Wonderland. The show will end with a mournful and magical tale - The Moonstone & The Woman In White (the titles will be familiar but they are borrowed).

There is but one thing more - but we are sworn to secrecy! This 45-minute show will be especially appealing to all 12 and over. Note your diaries now!

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